Researching Health Care Needs From A Global Systems Perspective

Our expertise in health care systems allows us to derive strategic insights that see beyond traditional data analysis.

Partnering Across Disciplines To Unravel Complexity

Our culture of collaboration provides unique opportunities for innovative observations.

Leveraging The Most Advanced Analytic Techniques

And our cutting edge hardware enables us to be a leader in analytic modeling.

At HSARC our mission is to be more than just an analytic research facilitator. We do not participate in research sponsorships that limit the boundary of our analytic capabilities. Instead we collaborate with our sponsors as partners to go beyond health care data analysis and assist them in navigating the strategic options available in light of analytic conclusions.

The center was designed as a collaboration between the Louisiana Public Health Institute and Tulane Universitiesā€™ Department of Global Health Systems and Development. This collaboration was crafted to create a center that has the technical capacity to design, collect, and analyze statistical data and the strategic expertise to define how those analytic outcomes can be applied given the context of our multi-level health care system.

We believe that adjustments to the delivery and management of health care must be both critical and realistic if they are to generate significant and sustained impacts. We want to find out how to improve the performance and efficiency of health systems. We want to identify opportunities that will have a positive impact on the personal well being of the people receiving care. We take a systems approach in order to look beyond the boundaries of classic analysis and to consider how change can impact health care, at every level.

We thank you for your interest in health systems research and invite you to explore our work further and to contact us for collaboration on your health care needs.

Thank you again.


Dr. Lizheng Shi & Dr. Anjum Khurshid

Directors, Health Systems Analytics Research Center